Nurturing life with Dance Movement

I am Monica Espinoza, the owner of LaliChi Studios, a Dance Studio for all ages and abilities. I have been enjoying teaching dance to all ages for over 25 years.

I taught at different dance places, studios, conducted various dance training workshops in Australia and overseas. I also taught and supported many gymnasts in their training.

I decided to combine my Dance Therapy knowledge, Nia & Dance Training and my passion for dancing and create children’s and adults programs that can enrich and inspire students while teaching them great technique and skills for life.I have a passion implementing dance movement programs for children, teens, couples, adults, communities to enrich people’s life and affirming God’s blessings to overcome obstacles and gain insights that can help to see that there are endless possibilities to live in goodness, regardless of circumstances.

LaliChi Studios studio focuses on dance and movement offering exceptional dance training and education in a small environment.

Our classes are small, grouped together according to many factors and their age, because we believe in the importance of giving attention and keeping every child/person and the group safe. During 45 minutes or one hour (advance classes 2 hours) the children have fun getting to know their bodies while learning different dance and movement styles: under the program developed of Creative Dance Acro Rhythmic are: expressive ballet, modern dance, acrobatics as well as exploring their imaginative bodies and minds through creative movement.

Children come to dance at LaliChi Studios to enjoy their bodies by expressing their natural free movement. Self confidence and self-love evolves naturally as every kid/person gets to be him/herself and enjoy the magic that lay behind our human body. Through the art of dance and inner wisdom, we are able to address specific developmental stages, while providing each student with what is needed to enhance their physical motor skills, as well as their intellectual, emotional and social capabilities.

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Our annual recital is in early December each year. It is a great opportunity for all students to perform and experience being part of a professional show, an important moment to validate their accomplishments. They are memories to treasure in their hearts.

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We also have opportunities for students who want to do more, and advanced their technique with extra classes for competition preparation or exams. We help students to move forward in their dance passion and guide them in their right direction,  and work in collaboration with others dance schools according to the child’s dream, specially in their high school year.

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Incredible things happens when you take dance to the next level. LaliChi Studios is a fantastic place to start learn to dance. I look forward to you joining our dance family at LaliChi Studios services.

Classes:  There are range of classes, private lessons, and movement therapy.

  • Creative Dance Acro Rhythmic Program
    • Pre-School  2  1/2 – 4 years  “Discover the Joy of Movement”
    • Primary School 5-8, 8-12 years of age “Dance & Movement Expression”
  • A Chance to Dance Program for Children with Special Needs
    • School Age Children – Creative Dance (DMT based)
  • Introduction to Spanish Language through Dance, Drama Grammar Story & Songs
    • For all Children/Teens

We also offer specialised programs in Movement Therapy to organisations and to community groups. Please enquiry via email, click here.

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We take Dance to the next level, we focus on the body, the movement, which is the physical component but also the mental and emotional self healing. We focus on the whole person, the whole child, the person’s inner wisdom.


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