A Chance to Dance

An innovative Session for children and Young adults with Special needs.

From Dance Movement therapy to Stage Performance for those wishing to perform

A chance to dance program is developed to support children and Teens with special needs given them the opportunity to express self, self to others, self to the environment. The session uses Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) and principles governing Creative Dance to enhance awareness, body mastery, and control, non verbal dynamic, communication of emotion and behaviour through the use of dance and movement, supports the dancer and embraces individuality. A session full of fun and imaginative with a fitness element, each session has its own flavour that leads to improvise creative movement.

A session that support the participant developing fundamental skills

  • Extends body movement
  • Boost exercise capacity to improve cardio-respiratory fitness
  • Aids motor skills
  • Coordination
  • Balance,
  • Flexibility strength
  • Helps decrease flatfoot
  • Cognitive
  • Social interaction
  • Focus
  • Memory skills
  • Gives greater support for inquisitive minds
  • Integrative approach aiming to regulate self
  • Aids to minimise stress and help with mood states to feel happier, calm and relaxed.

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The use Dance Movement Therapy in the session is of importance. DMT has gained its worldwide recognition for its applicability and implication on people with anxiety, autism, attention deficit elements, speech difficulties and much more…. LaliChi studios uses Dance movement therapy model connecting the
psychomotor expression of the body to enhance communication of emotions and behaviours through dance and movement repertoires using Laban and Bartenieff movement analysis.

More about the Art of Dance Movement Therapy

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