Residential Visits

 When Music and Movement reveal Magic!


Endless possibilities to engage into Dance and Movement – Physical, Cognitive and Emotional Connection

Monica works with each individual and yet encouraging the cohesive group rhythm. Every Moment
is treasured with respect, mourning, frustrations, joy and laughter and any other sensations can be
ritualised in the group movement, allowing for emotional release and group bonding. It is the body
expression, the mind that wonders, it is the spirit that senses the emotions.
The session is fun and explorative, focuses on the person to become full participant, a place to
express themselves through dance, at their own pace. The visits are based on Dance Movement
Therapy (DMT) with principles of Creative Dance. (link for DMT)

Why Residential Visits?

Residential Visits are very unique to each House. The program supports the research done in Dance
Movement Therapy, the mind/body approach to mental health, uniquely addressing the physical,
cognitive, social and emotional needs of the person by providing a safe, supportive environment for
all to join in. A time worthwhile having, where many magical moments are revealed. Individual
capacity and incapacities are explored, encouraging the acceptance of limitations and the feelings
that can come with it.

The sessions are for all abilities physical or cognitive, for clients with memory loss associated with
disease of Alzheimer and Dementia, and a help to people with Autism.

Sessions promotes wellness, are used to help individuals from stress relief, mental, emotional,
behavioural problems, physical movement, body image, weight problem and are of help to many
residents with their anxiety, depression issues. It is applicable to all even to the most static person,
activates listening and active and passive experiences, and through music and movement brings a
smile to their face a story to tell with or without words.
Residential Visits requires an appointment booking, if you are a carer/ parent and wishes to book a
session for your Residential House as part of activity program or a specific session as an intervention
to accomplish individual goals are welcome to send me an initial email for a booking (Contact link).

Residential visit are of great support for the formulation of clinical plan/notes in support to the client
Written DMT reports are available at an additional cost. However a small note into the clients file
are very useful for the medical team and families of the client.
Sessions can be 45min to 60min or upon agreement and client plan and conducted at your
nominated location.

Transform minutes to rejoice in the moment – “The Here and Now” everyone
needs to be validated and a chance to feel alive!