Comes from a culture where dance is part of everyday life and music brings a sensory stimulation to the body and where authentic movement allows oneself to express their inner dance, then the body that carries us trough life is connected to every single element of oneself, that is the body, the mind, the spirit, the emotion, all regulating itself with movement, where the body is not in isolation. Being a mum, I have observed my own children and other children living and moving and expressing through their own developmental stage, how they as young as babies are connected to every element of self and as we grow one could forget the importance of the body connection.  This has awakened my interest to combine the dance arts with dance movement therapy and develop a service that allows us and our children to dance and to be in our own bodies, then through dance we will never find the need to integrate what has been given to us in the most integrated aspect of self that is: the mind, the body, the emotion that leads to the authentic expression.

the thoughts behind…

LaliChi Studios work is based on a philosophy of a client centered approach and on the following thoughts:

  • Supporting the natural feeling of loving ourselves. Self-love is basis for loving others as we love our body in its all dimensions – then children will grow knowing deeply that genuine love, respect and integrity comes from the roots of one self – the body.
  • We understand that the body is one in all dimensions that is, physical, mental, intellectual, emotional and spiritual. At LaliChi Studios we cater for all regardless of age and ability, we see every one unique to its nature and see every child with the potential and endless possibilities.
  • We go beyond traditional dance training, we focus on the body, the movement, which is the physical component but also the mental and emotional self healing. We focus on the whole person, the whole child, the person’s inner wisdom. Allowing moments of natural dance creation, and accepting what comes without judgment.
  • We focus on FUN, the sense of joy that comes naturally in a child. We celebrate feeling blissful and alive again.
  • We enhance the opportunity for the child to learn life skills and improve physical coordination, flexibility and strength.
  • Dance is a transformative art, an artistic expression of the body. Through dance students learn to express their emotional, feelings and moods, consequently it enhances their self esteem, acceptance of self, grow in confidence, it brings awareness of their personal movement style that helps them to embrace their own qualities and potential.
  • We are a place where children can be themselves.
  • We offer a caring, safe and supporting environment, like A Big family of dancers! Where we nurture the student imagination and their natural intelligence of the body.
  • Understanding my space, the space of others and a greater space where we move, help us build social skills, strong relationships to self, the other and the world.
  • We work based on developmental movement patterns that we established previous to birth and as infants during our first years of life. If one of these patterns was skipped we can experience imbalances on how we function physically, intellectually and emotionally. Our classes offer a way for the child to get to the roots of his/her movement exploration, to self regulate, improve, integrate, transform by revising through movement the Basic Neurological Patterns were embodied.
  • We believe that through dance & movement we can heal physically, emotionally, and overcome intellectual challenges that one might be experiencing.
  • We believe in the importance consistency and Rhythm in a child’s life so class attendance is important (students with medical reasons should notify their teacher, feeling unwell? but still attending class to stress relief please notify teacher for support). The class follows a structure from warm up, release, strengthening , space for freedom, imagination and creativity takes place to centering coming together for a closure activity to end the session. Each session the child takes is based on a well-studied lesson plan, many times is repeated for various reasons or when the child seeks their favourite each time.
  • Music, Movement and Magic! We end the year with a fun recital to show the expressive creative dance, the classical piece, the lyrical, contemporary movements, their Jazz moves and Acro rhythmic skills developed, bringing a colourful world to stage with music, costume and choreography! The process of preparing brings to work with specific goals, dancing on stage with Friends! Doing it in front of an audience, a remarkable braveness that induce built self –confidence – for all of us to watch with love and enjoy, to validate, recognise and applaud, this is such an enriching and memorable experience for the child!
  • We support Youth Dancers in their journey to undertake other programs such as Victoria State Ballet