Private Sessions

Dance and Movement extends from Creativity to Healing

Many organisations seek private consultation to work a plan for their organisation client group.

Monica develops DMT programs and sessions in collaboration with the organisation manager,
navigator, occupational therapist to suit the client or group, taking in consideration the organisation
goals and the client needs.
Monica is Dance Movement Therapist post graduate level trained by IDITIA and registered member
of Dance Movement Therapy Association of Australasia (DTAA), she has extensive experience
dealing with Children and Young teens and adults for all abilities, including special needs, physical
and learning disabilities, autism, ADHD, anxiety disorder and depression. Monica incorporates DMT
sessions to create a safe way to understand, release either passive and dynamically, verbal and non
verbal with a person centred humanist approach, gently helping with an opportunity to repair and
heal the person’s state of wellbeing.
Private appointments for repair and healing are specific consultations sessions in support of a
program to help children, young adults and their families going through a difficult time, supported
by group of therapist and working in collaboration with the organisation that addresses family
abuse/violence, anger, anxiety and depression.
The overall aim is to create a safe space to begin address, acknowledge and process their traumatic
experience. The session uses purely Dance movement therapy (DMT) that will help to develop
pathways for a healthy relationship to self to self, self to others and self to their environment, a
constructive feelings of expression. The session uses both verbal and non verbal communication; it
uses creativity, improvisation, attunement, mirroring, witnessing, tolerance and listening who they
are and what they have to offer. The session uses authentic movement and creative dance principles
creating opportunity for the client to integrate make congruent and sense of what has been
emotionally incongruent or disintegrated.
Sessions that required more specific aid will be also refer to other professionals for the right
consultation, such as psychologist for the client to continue the road of recovery and healing or
when the client will be best to explore a different kind of therapy that will be beneficial to them.

For further information or bookings please email me directly (Contact link)

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