The Art of Dance Therapy

LaliChi studios offers DMT sessions and wellness programs with a shared philosophy that our body is designed to move, that our mind, our body and emotional being are interconnected.  Throughout the sessions the individual explores movement to extend movement, to maintain movement, to self discover, to self-heal, to feel alive, enabling a connection between one’s minds, body, and emotion through a creative exploration.

DMT session supports the individual to express and learn non-verbal movements that expresses their inner dance, their action; the art of dance and inner wisdom; their movement style influences both emotionally and physically, the interaction with the movement brings physical embodiment, inner self qualities mind/emotion connection where emotional stress comes in an observable manner through their use of space, postural body movement, muscle tension and breathing qualities.

Through the art of dance and movement explorations based on their unique personal anatomical, kinaesthetic, the individual experience an increase in cell movement, fluidity, balance, clarity, coordination, release, inner calm that allows the individual to have a unique experience of self. Dance as transformative art, the inner expression of the body and the integration of mind and emotion brings to the surface to restore, repair, self-heal, enjoy, brining personal skills to better manage every day encounters, tension, anxieties, affirming positive behaviour, declaring wellness while experiencing the joy of movement and an increase in fitness; inspiring the heart, body, mind and spirit regardless of age and ability with joyous movement, mindful awareness and personal empowerment .


The Art of Dance Movement Therapy (DMT)

What is Dance Movement Therapy?

Dance Movement Therapy is a type of therapy that uses movement to help individuals achieve emotional, cognitive, physical and social integration. It is the psychomotor expression of self that leads to release stresses, tension, fatigue, mood management, disease prevention, and much more…. It gives an alternative way to self heal. The physical aspect of DMT offers the opportunity to reclaim, sustain and increase stamina, muscular strength, coordination, mobility, flexibility, agility, stability, balance and decreases muscular tension. It helps regular behaviour as it promotes self-awareness, increases the sense of being balanced, increases self esteem and pushes away stresses, anxiety.

DMT can be beneficial to many people as can be used with individuals, couples, families or in group settings such as in schools or organisations.  Each session either group or individual DMT aims to create a safe space for the expression of feelings.

The DMT Therapist

Monica as therapist uses the principles of Dr. Marcia Levanthal integrative approach of DMT, he Quantum healing and 5 Part Session adaptable to both clinical and non-clinical populations supporting dance, the dancer, the client with a caring holistic person-centred approach.  Laban/Bartenieff Movement Analysis is used to describe, visualise, interpret, and document movement.  Monica uses her skills for Creative Dance Expression, Therapeutic Dance, Nia, Nia 5 Stages- based on human developmental movements, Ageless Grace and principles of Body-Mind Centering.  Monica is a Dance Movement Specialist and Therapist with a Spanish background and studies overseas and a special interest in the Art of Dance and Inner Wisdom through Authentic Movement and the creative ability of dance that promotes general wellbeing.

Monica has Dance Therapy Experience with Children and Adults with Disability, Physical and Intellectual Disabilities, Children with ADHD and behavioural like problems, Adult Women Post Cancer Survival, Arthritis, Parkinson and MS, Elderly inc. High Care and Support to Rehabilitation programs. Monica visits to Community Houses, Retirement Villages for individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities, dementia and see many residents as individual or group sessions. Helps many children with anxiety and behaviour social integration

Monica blends in her session dance art with Dance therapy elements providing services with a therapeutic emphasis in dance and movement for people with all abilities.

DMT therapy moves us to live in harmonious life with our own self and others. It supports communication skills, and interaction with our environment and relationships, enlighten up to live and experience endless possibilities to meet your goals and desires through facilitating personal encounters, creating a safe space for movement exploration, taking the dance to another level. Sessions can be structured or non-directive depending of the individual or group.


Can DMT be of help to you?

Definitely YES!, regardless of your current circumstance, there are moments in our lives that we are call to attend to the most precious gift, your life!

Many dance therapist work in various contexts.  They applied DMT in their professions to help individuals in their journey of life whatever the circumstances might be. From helping those with body image and self esteem concerns and many other issues such as: Physical, Cognitive, Mental, Social and Emotional wellbeing.

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